Hi I'm Erika Hageman. I am 22 years old, I am the first of four children in my family. I just recently moved to Medford with my sister. I grew up in Grants Pass and this is my first experience of getting out! (Not too far I know but it's still different than Grants Pass!)


I love playing sports and watching them. My favorite sport is volleyball. I played for seven years consecutively. Since high school I've played off and on for fun. I've also ran cross country, track and field, flag and tackle football, and softball.

After high school I went straight to Rcc for two years getting most of my prerequisites done for my Elementary Education degree. I decided I needed a break from school so I went to Phagans Beauty School in Grants Pass. There I studied hair, nails and esthetics. I went to Salem, took my tests and passed them all so now I am licensed in cosmetology. I now work at the Plaza Salon and Spa in Ashland and I love it! When I was finished with Phagans I decided that I wanted to finish my Elementary Education degree and now I'm back at school.

RSA Video: Changing Education Paradigms:
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