A snapshot into my life:
My name is Hannah Kesti Ewing and this summer I will be traveling to Morocco to study Arabic. I am currently attending Southern Oregon University but next fall I hope to be working towards my degree in Anthropology and Pre Law at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Learning is one of my many passions. Eventually, I hope to pursue my law degree so I can travel to the Middle East and help woman fight for their rights.I like to express myself not only in academic setting but also through photography. I like to show the world how I see things. I also like to express myself through music and play the viola.
One day when I was little I started to run. I haven't looked back since and now I am on the Southern Oregon University track team. I run middle distance. On the weekends I coach the Ashland High School Nordic Ski Team. I was a member of this team for four years and after I graduated this past summer I decided to give my time to the team that had given me so much.
If I could do anything for the rest of my life I would travel the world. I love seeing new places and hearing a verity of dialects and one day, in addition to English, I want to speak Arabic, Finish, and Spanish.

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My favorite poem:
Arabic Coffee by Naomi Shihab Nye

It was never too strong for us:
make it blacker, Papa,
thick in the bottom,
tell again how the years will gather
in small white cups,
how luck lives in a spot of grounds.
Leaning over the stove, he let it
boil to the top, and down again.
Two times. No sugar in his pot.
And the place where men and women
break off from one another
was not present in that room.
The hundred disappointments,
fire swallowing olive-wood beads
at the warehouse, and the dreams
tucked like pocket handkerchiefs
into each day, took their places
on the table, near the half-empty
dish of corn. And none was
more important than the others,
and all were guests. When
he carried the tray into the room,
high and balanced in his hands,
it was an offering to all of them,
stay, be seated, follow the talk
wherever it goes. The coffee was
the center of the flower.
Like clothes on a line saying
you will live long enough to wear me,
a motion of faith. There is this,
and there is more.