Sleeping Through Class

I chose to write my wiki page on "students sleeping through class". I chose this because I know this is a problem for everyone during their school career. Teachers also have this same experience so I think it pertains to everyone. I’d like to look at the reasons why students have such problems getting up and staying awake through class. Then maybe apply some solutions to my own life.

5 Important Things
1. The most important thing I learned is that nearly 80% of students in the US are not getting their recommended hours of sleep at night. There are no definite reasons why this is happening but I think our cell phones, computers, and tv prevent us from focusing on sleep. Teens are having more problems than ever putting down their electronics to go to bed which makes them sleepy during the day.
2. An important realization I had was that teachers are just as susceptible to exhaustion as students. Their days are even longer than the students and take much more out of school preparation. They need to stay aware that they are setting the environment for the students and they will follow your example.
3. I liked learning about the different pros and cons for starting school later. Many don’t think this will change kids’ bedtimes but others take this as a solution for students staying focused at school. One writer said that teens need more sleep than adults to function well. Although I think students should learn to manage their time well and after spending days exhausted they will go to bed earlier the next night.
4. I learned different tactics teachers' have used to prevent students from sleeping during class. For example, one class decided it was alright to sleep in class as long as your standing. I found some really creative strategies and I really enjoy learning about them.
5. Keeping on a consistent sleep schedule is key to being aware and awake during your day. Factors such as eating, exercise, stress, and electronic use can really affect how and when you sleep. Students and teachers must take the necessary steps to insure themselves of a good nights rest.



This video was really funny and probably just as informative as some of my other links. It showed how students and teachers actually act when a student is sleeping in class. The video also gave some good reasons why we fall asleep in class so often. I liked this video a lot because it seemed like it gave a honest occurrence in the classroom and it was from a non bias perspective.


I found this resource reporting on a large survey taken about young adults sleep schedules. Out of 12,000 students interviewed only 2,800 reported getting a full eight hours of sleep. They also discussed how many people have stopped viewing sleep as a priority which makes bad habits, worse. I would give this article a 3.

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I picked this cartoon because I thought it was important to show that teachers can be as tired as the students. I think everyone gets overworked and exhausts themselves at times but maintaining your days and livelihood is what makes us adults. Setting a good example for your students is really important in getting them to act how you want them to. I’d give this source a 4 because of how much a picture and caption can mean.


This discussion style website listed reasons why starting school later would be a good or bad idea. Reasons ranged from increased concentration to better traffic. Yet not everyone is convinced it’s a good idea, many commented that things would stay the same and students should get up early regardless of when they decide to go to sleep. I thought this was my most valuable source and give it five stars.


I think people spend a lot of their time with distractions like tv, internet, and cell phones. These devises keep our minds occupied on them instead of things we should be thinking about, like sleep. This website gave really good statistics on our electronics usage. It also stated that 60% of our time is wasted while we should be working which wasn’t really that shocking. I give this website a five.


This was definitely one of my favorite links. This is a story from a teacher who was having trouble keeping his students awake during class. The class decided it was ok to sleep during class as long as you were standing up. This seems ridiculous but that's also why is works; students get a chance to get up, move around, get a drink, and try to sleep while they stand. This will give energy back to the kids and they will stay more focused throughout class. I give this like five stars for the classroom's creativity.


I wasn't very impressed with this article. I thought they used the correct setting for the study but the findings did not seem very conclusive. Although it did have some good input by the students, one who said,"school has not really affected how much sleep I get,” Stewart said. “I’m not usually up late doing projects or anything like that. I usually get to bed around 10 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and I wake up around 6:20 a.m." I think the differences in the students' answers can lead to possible solutions for this problem. I would rate this article with a 2 or 3 for the lack of content.