Afterschool Activities/Programs

I chose this topic becaue i remeber growing up how much stress would often override my focus in school and I couldnt wait to go to my afterschool program just to get myself together, I feel like stress can really effect a students lifestyle and having something like this to look forward to after a long at school can often save a kids life in a way

Top Things I learned:

A fun afterschool environment often can relieve stress and raise focus.

Can often create opportunities to succeed outside of classroom which boosts confidence.

More social oppurtunites outside of Classroom type of environment

Afterschool programs often are a safe place for kids in tougher living situations to go

Gives more opportunities for "1 on 1" time with students to educators because in these types of programs less kids equals more attention.


My first source is a website Afterschool it shows all the opportunities and benefits of each specific program 5 out of 5.

My next source is a video off a the title literally explains it all, it's about the need for Afterschool Programs and the importance of them. 4 out of 5

My next video is off of This video is about an active math game at an afterschool program that works and improves young kids math skills. A fun environment is often key to learn harder subjects. 5 out of 5.

My next source is another video off of its a YMCA Basketball video. The YMCA provides the most reliable afterschool in the Rogue Valley and sports are often a fun active thing to look forward to after school. Afterschools Activities relieve most stress when they are fun and physical. Basketball is just one of the many ways. 4 out of 5.

My next source is a link to the website for the Boys and Girls Club. Like the YMCA the Boys and Girls Club provides afterschool care for thousands of kids nation wide. This site shows all the opportunites and benefits that come with being a member. 5 out of 5.

My last source is a video from Youtube its shows what the Boys and Girls club is really about and gives a little more in depth view of wha the program really is. 5 out of 5.