I chose this topic because I want to work with special needs and learn more about them. I am very interested in sports, so I decided to narrow my topic by focusing on Special Needs Sports. I coach special needs so I am hoping to find tools to help me understand and work with them better! I am interested in many different topics with special needs so I can not wait to see what I can find! I am sure that I will find so many different topics that will blow my mind away on special needs (sports).

Top 5 Things I Learned:

  1. One thing that I learned while doing this wiki assignment on Special Needs Sports is that every child with a disability can still be athletic and still has an opportunity to excel.
  2. Another thing I learned was how important it is to research the sport you are doing, and research the disability that the person you will be working with has. Knowing as much detail as possible will help make teaching easier for yourself and the child. Finding alternatives and modifications is crucial to any sport while dealing with Special Needs.
  3. I also learned that children with disabilities have many different opportunities to get into a sport. I learned that Special Olympics includes almost every sport you can dream of for children that are disabled or have a disability. I learned that people volunteer and offer assistance to these facilities and programs to help children with special needs to be active, strong, and know what it's like to be a winner or to be successful. I learned that a smile is much better than a first place medal.
  4. The 4th thing that I learned was how common it is for students with disabilities to be bullied, harassed, and mentally or physically abused. I learned that it is important to pay attention to the teachers and coaches you have for your child and make sure that they are being treated with the respect that they deserve.
  5. The last thing that I learned was that I have so much more to learn about special needs in a coaching aspect or in a teaching aspect. Being able to really connect with each individual is crucial. Getting to know their advantages and disadvantages is important for a child with a disability to excel and learn the most.

Number 1 Best Resource:

The top #1 Resource that I came across while learning so much about my topic would probably be the 2nd to last resource. I believe this is the most important resource because of all the alternatives and modifications that they show can be done for sports that are played by children with special needs. I think that if you want to pursue coaching with special needs, it would be worth your while to read over this web site because of all the ideas they give you for dealing with children's needs that have a disability, and how you can make sure that you make the sport modifications first and foremost.


Source #1:

I got this site from SpecialNeeds.com and if you click on the first link "Special Needs" it tells you a detailed definition/ description about what special needs entails. I like this web site a lot because it gives a general idea of what to expect when dealing with students or athletes that have a disability. I would rate this website a 3 out of 5.

Source #2:

I found this source on YouTube while looking for videos that represented Special Needs. This resource is very short, but very powerful. I think that this video emphasizes that people with a disability are unique and special, and have talent just like everyone else. I would give this short video clip a 3 out of 5 because of how powerful it is. I love how the man thinks that it is great to be different. Very Powerful.

Source #3:

This link I got from Google, I went and found the Special Olympics official homepage because I think that this page may be very useful to viewers who want to learn more about Special Olympics, how they can be involved and what they can do. I would give this link a score of a 5 out of 5. The website is done very professionally, and it is so useful and easy to access.

Source #4:

I got this video from YouTube. This video talks about how children with special needs are being mentally abused and bullied inside the classroom, by the teacher and her aid. I think this is so wrong, and so this video was very powerful to me. When a child has a disability the last thing they need is to be verbally abused when they are doing the very best they can. I think every coach, student, peer, and teachers should watch this video so they have a clear example on what not to do with any child, especially one with a disability. I would give this video a 4 out of 5 because of the pictures that it paints in the viewers minds.

Source #5:


This website that I found through Google has many different ways to get children with disabilities into sports. A child with a disability may be afraid to do sports thinking they may fail or get made fun of. This site gives 8 good ways to help a child with a disability into a sport. I think someone going into coaching special needs may want to view this site, especially if they have a child who is frightened or nervous about trying the activity. These techniques may be useful to try and use. I give this website a 4 out of 5 because it helps a coach try to get a child with a disability to try something new. Being active is crucial and doing what ever it takes to make a child happy and feel good about themselves is very important.

Source #6:

I got this video from Yahoo.video, it is a YouTube video. I think that this video helps define what a special needs educator has to do and some of the qualities they need to have. I think these qualities are important for teaching or coaching. I would give this short, quick, easy to listen to, a score of 4 out of 5.

Source #7:


I found this site from Google. This site is incredible! It shows different opportunities for children with disabilities to get involved with. The article down below is great. It tells a young boys story about how he can do sports too, just with some modifications. In the story, there is a list of many different sports and modifications that would help someone with a disability be able to do the sport much easier. I think this site shows so many alternatives that make all the difference for someone with a disability. Coaches should definitely view this site! This site would be a 5 out of 5 because of how useful and helpful it is.

Source #8:

This video that I got from YouTube is just for fun. I did gymnastics for 12 years and I coach special needs classes and I used to coach Special Olympics when it was at my gym. Taking them to their competitions was so powerful and emotional for me. This young little lady shows that anything is possible you just have to believe. I love this video, it is very inspiring to me. When people doubt what children with disabilities can do, I would love to show them this, and prove them all wrong. I give this video a 5 out of 5 because of how it touches my heart and inspires me.